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The COVID-19 crisis in India, now a dystopian scenario, has managed to take a toll on everyone. Even the most basic medical resources are scarce. People are losing their livelihoods, their loved ones, their lives. And yet there is still hope, such is the stubbornness of the human spirit. These times have shown us the best humanity has to offer. We have seen resilience, patience, and promptness to help. We have learnt what it means to be human. With that in mind, “Volunteers.Covihelp” was formed. With 200+ active volunteers, our student-run organisation provides a 24/7 helpline service. We accept any request for COVID-19 resources like oxygen cylinders, medicines, hospital beds etc. We search through multiple databases for leads, and self-verify each of them. This verification is done in real time as requests come in, so you can be sure you’ll receive the latest information. No message is left unchecked, and nothing is unnecessarily delayed.


If you are a person who requires our help or knows a person that does, send your request through these channels. 

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