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Measures to eliminate international terrorism.


TO SAVE sana

All the funds raised will be going to a 12-year-old girl, Sana Khan.

At age 5, Sana was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. With lots of difficulties and help from people, the family managed to get her open-heart surgery done in 2015. She won the battle of life and was living disease-free. She was diagnosed again with asthma in 2019 and she was being treated for the same. Now in 2021, she has been diagnosed with a type of blood cancer or leukaemia (MDS-EB2/AML).

The family has done all it can to collect the total amount required for the treatment but ₹20,00,000 more was required to pay for all the medical expenses. With the good graces of people inflicted to help Sana, a great amount has been raised to help Sana’s treatment. With the help of this fundraiser MUN, we aim to raise funds which will go towards the help of Sana’s help. As per doctors, we do not have much time to get her treated. She has suffered a lot and is still suffering. She is a bright child and has big dreams for her life. Let us help her achieve them!

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  • What is an MUN?
    Model United Nations is a simulation of the functioning of the real United Nations (as well as other relate political bodies like the Parliament of India and others). Students of all ages (middle school, high school, college going) participate in a representation of an actual committee where they step into the role of delegates to international bodies, representing a country or a body) and debate on important issues that face the world today.
  • Why should one participate in Model United Nations?
    Because- 1. MUNs help to raise awareness in students and the youth about international relations, diplomacy and political events. 2. Encourage students to take up political and social issues in earnest and become more aware about them. 3. Educate the youth about the role played by various political and socio-economic bodies in international affairs. 4. MUNs help students develop communication skills, as well as public speaking skills, in order to present your ideas to large audiences, as well as defend them against the same. 5. MUNs help delegates gain experience in the working of bureaucratic bodies and global policymakers.
  • Why should you participate in Covihelp Fundraiser MUN?
    Covihelp Fundraiser MUN will help raise funds for people who are under medical debt and facing financial distress. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity or medical causes which need help due to the devastating second wave of the COVID19 pandemic in India.
  • How do I prepare for my first conference?
    If this is your first conference, refer to For further help, you can use the internet as well.
  • What are the different positions in an MUN conference?
    (i) Secretary General: The head of the entire conference. (ii) Delegate: the delegate is the participant, i.e, you (iii) Chairperson: the chairperson is the supervisor of their committee. They also listen to all the speeches, questions etc and assign points to every delegate; they judge the performance of each delegate. Please refer to the attached PDF for more important information on this topic. Thank you and good luck!
  • Is there an age limit for the conference?
    Everyone from middle school and above can participate in our Model UN conference.
  • For further questions
    You can reach the Secretary General via WhatsApp by clicking on this link: Don't hesitate to reach out for any and all questions!

Thank you for being the change❤️

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